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June 29, 2009 – Newsletter

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Health Reform

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware that the Obama administration is currently pushing for some major changes to the U.S. Health Care System! And, of course, Benefits by Design is following along closely to what is transpiring.

We are all aware that there are many problems and frustrations with our current healthcare system. We have been working for years behind the scenes to try to help with issues relating to the uninsured and so forth. No one knows what the perfect solution is at this point, but we can all agree, some changes must be made! However, one change that will destroy the level of care that we all have come to expect is a government run system.

One of the main reasons we do not support a government run health system is that the role of the agent and broker would be drastically reduced or eliminated, to the detriment of small employers and individuals! We know that we provide a valuable service to our clients! Please take some time to share this website with any colleagues, friends or family who do not completely understand the important role of agents! (more…)