October 1, 2006 – Newsletter

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Please Welcome Our New Employee!

Tisha Jones

Please welcome our new Account Manager!

Tisha Jones comes to Benefits By Design with more than 7 years of experience in the insurance business! She worked at an agency on the Property and Casualty side, but she is looking forward to learning more about employee benefits!

Tisha has great customer service knowledge and is used to dealing with many different clients and insurance companies at one time (she’s a great multi-tasker!). She is married to Kimmel and has a large 4-legged, furry child named Topper–a beautiful German Shepherd. She resides in the East Valley. Please don’t hesitate to call her with any questions.


AAMES Graduation

Kristine graduates from APS’ elite AAMES program

On September 19th, 2006, Kristine Kassel graduated from the AAAME’S Program! APS sponsors a two year mentoring program called AAAME-Academy for the Advancement of Small, Minority & Women Owned Enterprises. This program helps businesses structure their operations for success and growth. The focus is on key areas of business such as marketing, financial, legal and sales. It allows several companies to learn from each other’s experiences and also to be taught from several mentors during the two year period.

Kristine Kassel said, “It was an honor to be selected for this program and the overall experience was an excellent opportunity. It was similar to getting a master’s degree, but even better because it was all focused on real life experiences with our businesses.”

Please congratulate Kristine on her wonderful accomplishment.

Long Term Care

How are you financing your future long term care needs?

Are you planning on letting the government take care of you when you get older OR if you have an injury that keeps you from working? Too many Americans are facing a loss of dignity or financial ruin due to long term care needs?

We would like to show you how you can trade the risk of catastrophic loss for the certainty of an affordable premium!

Please contact Jennifer Anderson TODAY to discuss options for you, your family and/or your employees!


Benefits By Design Offering Value-Added Services

Triad Pain Management Offers Free Consulting to Our Clients

Dear Benefits By Design friends and clients,

Much like yourself, I am convinced that “an ounce of prevention” is worth far more in the form of lower insurance premiums down the road.

As part of the Triad Pain Management team, I have access to chiropractors, a nurse practitioner, a licensed massage therapist, and a physical therapist. We see many different conditions throughout the day but one common link is present in almost all patients…they waited to long! Most wait to come in until the pain is finally getting to be too much or their activities are finally being disrupted.

I am convinced that with the proper information, these conditions could possible have been prevented or at least, the patients would have come in sooner. That means catching the condition sooner, shorter treatment times, and lower costs to all parties involved.

How have we been able to help other companies in the past? Here are a few examples: Ergonomic Assessments: helping ensure that each employee’s work station is properly fitted to prevent work injury. Wellness lectures: topics include preventing “upper cross” syndrome, the condition which afflicts most people who sit at a computer for more than two hours a day, early signs of carpal tunnel, preventing low back pain, how to prevent the most common sports injuries,and why custom orthotics can eliminate knee, hip, and back pain.


Mark Zitnick

Call Mark for a free consultation today! 480-413-0586

Are you a member of a local Chamber of Commerce?

Special Health Insurance Plans for Chamber Members

If you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce here in the Valley, we may have some special programs available to you through Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Please contact Jennifer for more information: jennifer@bbdaz.com.

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