June 2010 – Newsletter

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June 2010
Benefits by Design NewsletterWelcome to the Benefits By Design quarterly newsletter. Our intent is to keep YOU, our valued clients and friends, posted on what we have been up to, as well as to make sure you are truly informed consumers when it comes to issues pertaining to the financing of healthcare. Our goal is to keep you educated!  President’s Update  By Kristine Kassel


As the summer heat sets upon us, and we are busy heading out of town for those last minute summer vacations, Benefits by Design has been keeping a close eye on the Health Care Reform. I have been trying to get out and share the information that we have on the bill through several speaking engagements!! The more that we can share the more knowledge each of us will have to help us make the decisions that can affect us in the next few years to come.

Please take time to look at our updated website that Thrive Marketing completed this month. Thrive Marketing has been choosen to be our client spotlight of the month and they are a great partner that we have been working with for the past four years. As the needs of my business and industry change over the next few years, Thrive has helped us set up a weekly blog that will keep you updated on any key legislative activities and presentations.

On a personal note – our staff has some exciting news to share. Ryan Hansen, our Director of Account Management, will be expecting a baby boy in September. We are looking forward to the new addition to our Benefits by Design family. Both Chris Conran, our Individual Specialist and myself have teenage daughters who will be attending high school this fall. The girls are very excited for the new chapter of their lives to begin. As for Chris & I – we are trying to save up for cars as we speak!!!

Starting in July, we will add a new employee to our staff. We welcome Colleen McComb, who will be part of the Account Management Team. Feel free to introduce yourself to her the next time you call our office.

I hope that each of you have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July. Please remember to call us if you have any questions on how the Healthcare Reform will affect your business.


Are You Insuring Your Most Important Asset?  

If not, we can help!


The below article is from the LIFE Foundation website. LIFE Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their families’ financial futures. Here they are asking a very important question that we thought you should consider…..

You’ve got a car and you wouldn’t think about not insuring it, right? Same goes for your home because who has enough money sitting in their bank account to buy a new car or home if either were to crash or burn? So your car and your home are insured, but chances are you aren’t properly protecting something that is many times more valuable then either of those things: your paycheck.

Think about it. What would happen if suddenly, due to an illness or accident, you were unable to work? Without your paycheck, how long would you be able to make your mortgage payment or buy groceries or pay your credit card bills without feeling the pinch? If you are like most, it wouldn’t be long at all: 50 percent of working Americans couldn’t make it a month before financial difficulties set in, and more than one in four would have problems immediately, according to a LIFE Foundation survey. *

That’s where disability insurance comes in. Think of it as insurance for your paycheck. It ensures that if you are unable to work because of illness or injury, you will continue to receive an income and make ends meet until you’re able to return to work.

It’s a decision to make now. Many people put off buying disability insurance because they think that a disabling illness or accident will never happen to them – and you may be one of those. But did you know that you have a roughly three in ten chance of becoming disabled for 90 days or more before turning 65.**

We insure our homes and cars against the unforeseen, but many of us are not doing the same due-diligence when it comes to our ability to earn a living. Remember, your bills will not stop rolling in if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. So if you depend on your paycheck to fund all the things in your life today – and nearly all of us do – you need disability insurance.

The LIFE Foundation is the leading source on the Internet for unbiased information about disability insurance. Here are some links to help you determine if you need coverage and, if so, what your options are for getting it.

  • Who needs it?
  • Sources of income protection
  • Disability needs calculator
  • Lifetime earnings calculator
  • Where do I buy it?
  • An Example
  • Life events
  • Key terms
  • realLIFEstories
  • Printable consumer guide (PDF)
  • Find out your personal disability quotient

*The Disability Survey conducted by Kelton Research on behalf of the LIFE Foundation, April 2009. **The REAL RISK of DISABILITY in the United States, Milliman Inc. on behalf of the LIFE Foundation, May 2007.

Please contact Kristine at 480-831-7700 if you would like to see any quotes or have any additional questions answered.


Pre-Paid Legal  


With the rising cost of employee benefits, employers like you are striving to find ways to enhance the value of your benefit offerings. Studies show that employee satisfaction with benefits plans is 19 percent higher among employers that offer voluntary benefits than those that don’t.

Pre-Paid Legal utilizes Kroll, the world’s leading risk-management firm providing service for our Identity Theft Shield. Kroll’s plan differs from others in that it is focused on both prevention and RESTORATION – in the event that a member has an identity theft issue in any of the five areas of identity theft (medical, driver’s license, social security, character and financial), Kroll’s licensed investigators actually work on behalf of the member to restore records back to pre-theft status.

In addition to ID theft protection, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. provides members with the Life Events Legal Plan, a family plan covering every aspect of life situations we find ourselves in every day. Our plan covers things like establishing a last will and testament, medical directives, durable power of attorney, speeding tickets, legal document reviews, consultation on an unlimited number of issues, tax audit, divorce, child custody, emergency 24-hour access and many others.

The cost for the combined benefit (ID Theft + Legal Plan) is less than $1 a day, and covers the member and the member’s spouse/domestic partner, and all qualified dependents through voluntary payroll deduction. Again, these benefits do not cost you, the employer, anything and actually helps employees afford a plan if purchased as a group rather than individually.


Non-Profit Showcase  


We would like to share with you a charity that Benefits By Design supports, and Kristine Kassel is a member on the Board of Directors:

Gabriel’s Angels mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children, nurturing their ability to love and trust, thereby freeing them from the cycle of violence.

Gabriel’s Angels is a success story of change, heart and vision. In 1999 Pam Gaber, a volunteer at the Crisis Nursery, took Gabriel, her charming Weimaraner puppy, to the holiday party dressed as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. What happened that afternoon was amazing. Children who regularly behaved violently towards others approached Gabriel with kindness. Children, who refused to leave their rooms to join the party, crept shyly out to meet Gabriel. That day the walls the children had built to shield themselves from the outside world came crashing down. Gabriel showered the children with unconditional love – sometimes for the first time in their fragile lives.

The 501 (C) (3) organization was formed out of a pressing and documented need in the community to enhance the lives of at-risk children through the application of pet therapy. These children in crisis are visited by Gabriel’s Angels volunteer Pet Therapy Teams to help them feel better about their lives and the future. The teams visit crisis nurseries, domestic violence and homeless shelters, group homes and after school programs. Currently there are 145 Pet Therapy Teams serving 13,000 children in over 108 agencies in Maricopa County and Southern Arizona.

In May, our founding dog, Gabriel, passed away. His legacy is one of unconditional love and hope for neglected and at-risk children in Arizona.

For Gabriel’s Angels volunteer or donor information, please visit GabrielsAngels.org, or call 602.266.0875.


Client Spotlight  


 Thrive Marketing helps companies grow quickly and boost their profits through effective, award-winning websites, branding, identity, Internet and marketing programs.

Services offered:

  • brand identity,
  • Internet strategies such as email marketing, search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click services,
  • brochure and website copy,
  • corporate identity and logos,
  • graphic design,
  • wesite design and
  • marketing plans.

For more information:

  • Call us Toll-Free at: 1.866.521.0827
  • View our Portfolio
  • Request a Proposal
email: info@bbdaz.comphone: 480-831-7700web: www.benefitsbydesignaz.com   Let Benefits By Design be the benefits department for your organization.We are your advocate in dealing with day-to-day issues. Our support and service to you and your employees and their family members is what separates us from other, average insurance brokers. We will service each employee, with all his or her insurance related questions, and we will provide you, the company, with comprehensive benefits administration and support.

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