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McMinn HR

Ginny McMinn owns McMinn HR, our featured referral partner. Ginny has over 30 years of HR experience with a variety of businesses, and brings a realistic and understanding approach to Human Resources, employee and compliance issues. Ginny has helped us to hire the last two employees for Benefits by Design, starting with a detailed understanding of what our firm needed in an employee. The result was a seamless process, easy for us to follow, with great employees as a result!

A hint or two from Ginny:

1. It’s important to think about the skills, training and experience needed before you begin looking for new employees. Don’t snare the easiest referral and hope for the best. Determine up front what you need now and to build the future you want for your business. Think about the person who will best amplify your existing team. Then begin to systematically look for that person. Hold yourself to the wish list and a consistent process in order to get the best hiring results.

2. When an issue arises with an employee, step back and think about what has occurred. Is the issue a new one, or something that has been building for some time? Is this a single instance or a pattern of performance or behavior issues? Get an objective viewpoint about how to handle the situation for the most constructive result. Typically, a discussion with Ginny will take just a few minutes and bring clarity to the situation. She will leave you with “next steps” and a plan to resolve the issue.

Call Ginny at 480.726.0343; check out her website at

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